What if you could instill in students a habit of giving that lasts a lifetime?

Cultivate donors from orientation to alumni relations.

Growfund is revolutionizing the giving experience with an online, no-minimum Donor-Advised Fund platform – the only product of its kind. Students can have their own personal foundations to make charitable contributions to your institution, curated campaigns and programs, or nearly one million other charities. Imagine if your students had a charitable giving tool at their fingertips, through which they can invest their money and have more to give to support your mission. With Growfund as your giving platform, your institution can create a culture of philanthropy on campus and beyond.

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Benefits for Universities

  • Empower students to save and give more
  • Engage students in institutional campaigns and programs, leveraged through your branded Growfund
  • Enhance institutional fundraising efforts through stronger relationships with your students
  • Establish philanthropy as a core component of student benefits packages
  • Educate new generations about philanthropy
  • Inspire and prepare your students to make the change they desire to see in the world