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With Growfund as a personal foundation, today's donors are changing the world from where we live, learn and work.

Enjoy these stories, and share your own. Tell us about your Growfund experience with a tweet, a photo, or even a video with #whyIGrowfund for a chance to be featured here.

Amber – Marathons

“I’ve been giving to various charities…As asks come in from friends and family, I can turn to my Growfund and give from that.” -Amber M. #WhyIGrowfund


Giving Circle Focus Group

Recently, the Growfund team met with an inspiring group of Giving Circles game-changers, preparing to roll out a platform to make giving with impact easier for Giving Circles everywhere.

Holiday Gifting – Lauren

“I made donations in their honor…to impact causes that matter to my family and friends as well.” -Lauren J. #WhyIGrowfund


Vicki Story 1

“My son picked the name of our Growfund; he called it The Better World Fund because that’s what we’re hoping to make through our giving.” -Vicki E. #WhyIGrowfund


BB at Independent Sector

Brandolon shared his Growfund story with community leaders at the Independent Sector conference this week.

Stephanie Mom and Daughter Bond

“I love to be able to teach her about philanthropy, about giving back, about taking care of others.” -Stephanie S. #WhyIGrowfund


After speaking at the 2017 Employee Benefits Symposium hosted by AFS 401(k) Retirement Services, Scott Jackson, CEO of Global Impact, describes how Growfund offers employers the ability to integrate charitable giving into their Financial Wellness programs. Growfund was recently launched as a new employee benefit for holistic financial wellness packages.


“I did not realize I could be more strategic with my giving.” -Lisa P. #WhyIGrowfund

BB Podcast | Story Wall

Ever wonder what Democratizing Philanthropy Means? Listen to a conversation with Brandolon Barnett about Democratizing Giving.

Listen to the Podcast

Growfund has allowed me to save a little bit with every paycheck so that I can give more later. -Emily S. #WhyIGrowfund

Brandolon’s Story | Story Wall

“I created something that represents my mom and her legacy. Even though she was struggling, she gave what she could, and it changed my life.” -Brandolon B. #WhyIGrowfund


“Gen X Women: The Silent Philanthropists,” by Ann Canela on Giving Compass

As part of their focus on Women’s Equality, Giving Compass invited Global Impact Vice President Ann Canela to share a little bit about her research on the giving patterns of today’s donors. Despite facing increasingly complex demands on their time, women on average donate more than men. Growfund was created partially as a response to the need for an easy, intuitive and impactful way for women to connect their passions to their philanthropy. Read the article here.

Global Impact CEO and President, Scott Jackson, describes to Devex how Growfund was created to democratize philanthropy.


Mom’s Story GF User | Story Wall

This week, Brandolon helped a mom create a  to give in memory of HER mom. $10 in a . Her family is the for the fund.    #WhyIGrowfund

Video: Growfund in the Workplace

Growfund in the Workplace


Ann Story 1

“For the first time I can engage my daughter in a meaningful way with philanthropy.” –Ann Canela, a Growfund architect and champion, on 

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