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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Growfund Advisor?

A Growfund Advisor is synonymous with being an account holder. Once your donor completes the application and confirms the account, they become a Growfund Advisor.

Primary and Joint Growfund Advisors have full administrative privileges over their Growfund, including the right to contribute funds to the account, grant funds from the account to organizations, receive account statements, and change account preferences.

How does my donor create a Growfund?

To create a Growfund, your donor simply clicks here or the “Start a Fund” button located in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. . Your donor will be asked to complete a form that will take no longer than ten minutes of their time.

Your donor will receive a confirmation email, which will prompt them to login and set up security questions.

What information does my donor need to create a Growfund?

Not much at all! Your donor will not be asked for their social security number or bank information.

We simply require the following:

  • Basic contact information and birthdates for the Primary Advisor, Joint Advisor, and all successors
  • Nonprofit Beneficiary contact information and Federal Tax ID Number (optional)

That’s it!

Are donors’ contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. A contribution to Growfund has the same tax deductions as would a donation to any public charity.

How can my donor contribute to Growfund?

Your donor has a variety of options for how they can make a contribution to Growfund. They can contribute via cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, and payroll deduction.

They also have the option of contributing other types of financial assets, including stocks, mutual funds, real estate and more. Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to learn more about how your donor can contribute via these types of financial assets.

Is there a minimum needed to open a Growfund account?

$1. Have your donor Start a Fund Today

Are there any deadlines or timing restrictions?

No. The only conceivable timing consideration occurs when your donor is planning a year-end contribution. Please note in this case that certain types of contributions, such as real estate or stock transfers, take longer than simple cash or credit card contributions. Please have your donor reach out to [email protected] they would like to learn more about how they can plan ahead.

Does my donor need to maintain a minimum balance?

No. There is no minimum account balance.

Is there a minimum grant amount?

Yes. Grants can be made for as little as $25.

Will my donors’ contributions be invested?

Yes. Your donors have the option of determining the allocation of their funds that will be invested versus saved (allocated to a non-interest bearing account). Regardless of your donor’s Growfund balance, the indicated allocation will automatically be invested into a fully diversified and index based portfolio solution that employs a balanced approach with a 60/40 mix of equities and fixed income.

Is there a fee associated with my donors’ investments?

Yes. The invested funds on each Growfund may be subject to a 5 bps annualized fee.

Does my donor have the option of not investing their balance?

Yes. As a Growfund Advisor, your donor has the ability to place their funds into a protected non-interest bearing account. (Money Market Account)

Are there multiple investment options available? If not, why?

At this time, The Vanguard 500 Index Fund is the only investment vehicle available to Growfund Advisors.

We are actively working to provide diversified investment opportunities for our Growfund Advisors.

How do I know if my organization is eligible?

Growfund Advisors are able to seamlessly grant to nearly a million 501(c)(3) organizations. Odds are that your favorite nonprofit organization is among them.

How can I make my organization eligible to receive Growfund donations?

Global Impact and its partners provide vetting services for both domestic and international organizations. It takes 3-5 business days to vet a domestic organization while it may take several weeks to vet an international organization. These services come at an additional fee to the Growfund Advisor. Once your organization has passed the vetting process, it will become eligible to receive donations from all Growfund Advisors. Please reach out to [email protected] for further information about vetting a new organization.

What is a 501(c)(3) organization?

501(c)(3) refers to the tax-exempt status of a nonprofit organization as qualified under IRS rules. Because 501(c)(3) organizations are charitable by nature, they are allowed to receive tax-deductible donations.

Does Growfund support international organizations?

Yes, but on a limited basis. Only a select number of international organizations are currently eligible to receive Growfund distributions. Growfund does, however, support numerous U.S.-based organizations that focus on international issues.

Can my donor set up a recurring grant?

Absolutely – recurring grants are great ways to fund your organization’s causes.

Can my donor make a restricted grant?

Yes. When they are ready to make a grant, they click on the “Recommend Grant” tab and use the Grant Purpose field to indicate the specific purpose of the grant.

Can my donor set up recurring contributions?

Absolutely – recurring contributions are great ways for your donors to grow their Growfunds effortlessly.

Are my donors’ contributions secure?

Yes. Growfund’s platform is provided by Stellar Technology Solutions, a group that takes great pride in ensuring the utmost security for its platform users. For more information on what Stellar is doing to protect user information, please visit here.

Is there a fee assessed on my donors’ contributions?

No – 100% of contributions are available for grantmaking.

How often are grants distributed?

Global Impact will distribute grants to the recipient organizations within seven business days of receiving the grant recommendation by the Growfund Advisor.

What donor information will my organization receive?

Your organization receives notice that the grant has been made by the Growfund Advisor via Growfund. This is the case unless the grant has been marked anonymous, in which case your organization will receive a letter stating that a grant has been made by an anonymous donor via Growfund.

What are the fees on my Growfund and how are they assessed?

Our pricing model is straightforward and simple. There is a three percent annualized fee on the fund balance up to $20,000 and a one percent annualized fee on the fund balance of $20,000 and above.

This fee will be charged against and subtracted from the fund balance on a monthly basis following the fund’s establishment date until termination of the fund.

Does 100% of my donors’ grant go to my organization?


To what entities does Growfund NOT support distributions?

For legal reasons, Growfund contributions cannot be distributed for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

  • An individual
  • The personal economic benefit of the Growfund Advisor, other Advisor(s) or a related party of either
  • Political contributions or legislative activities
  • Private foundations
  • Terrorists or their support networks

What is a Giving Opportunity?

A Giving Opportunity is a collection of organizations that is eligible to receive grants from Growfund Advisors. Typically, a Giving Opportunity consists of organizations that are tied together by a single programmatic or geographic interest area.

How can my donor create a Giving Opportunity?

It’s simple! Your donor just mimics the steps that they would as if they were opening a Growfund account. After your donor’s Growfund has been named, they indicate with the checkbox that this Growfund should be public. This will make it a searchable Giving Opportunity.

How can my donor share a Giving Opportunity?

Please have your donor email us at [email protected] if they would like to share a Giving Opportunity with their networks. We can provide them with a link that allows non-Growfund Advisors to donate via credit card.

If their Giving Opportunity is public, they follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to Growfund
  2. On the side navigation click Giving Opportunities
  3. Click Search all opportunities
  4. Enter your fund’s title in the keyword field
  5. Copy the URL of this page and share it

How does my donor use their Giving Opportunity?

Giving opportunities are flexible funds that can be socially shared, engaging family, friends, and co-workers. Be Creative!

Example 1: Engage family and friends. Create a family fund, share it, raise contributions, and give as a group. Host an end of year potluck or party to choose the causes to donate to.

Example 2: Engage colleagues. Create a fund, share it with colleagues, raise contributions, and give as a group. i.e. The Growfund team managed a No Shave Movember Campaign. Co-workers grew mustaches during November and voted for the best looking mustache with donations into the fund.

What are my donor’s responsibilities as a Giving Opportunity Advisor?

It is your responsibility to abide by the conditions that you set forth in your Giving Opportunity’s description. If you create a Giving Opportunity that stipulates funding toward hunger initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, then it is your responsibility that all contributions go to this cause.

How can my organization become a Featured Giving Opportunity?

Inclusion as a Featured Giving Opportunity (FGO) requires a commitment to Growfund as your organization’s Donor-Advised Fund of choice. This means that your organization will help to spread the word about Growfund through social media channels and agree to recommend the Growfund Donor-Advised Fund to any of your donors who inquire. In addition FGO partners are reviewed by the Growfund team and are extensively vetted. Questions? Contact [email protected].

What reporting can my organization access?

Global Impact can provide your organization with detailed reporting on financial data, contribution activity, grant activity, account balances and organization activity reports among others.

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