Growfund for Giving Circles offers a great way to combine your giving with other game-changers who share your passion for making the world a better place. It’s a free Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) that offers individual donors investment options to grow their money and give strategically.

Start a Giving Circle, or join a Giving Circle that inspires you

For administrators of Giving Circles, Growfund can be a one-stop shop that provides a hub for the group’s communications and contributions, driving your collective grant-making processes without high costs and administrative hassles.

Create a personal Growfund account and your own Giving Circle, or browse for existing Giving Circles. Inspire friends or companies to join you! Manage your circle and analyze your giving. Award donations to the non-profit of your group's choosing.

Download the Giving Circles One Pager Infographic


Giving Circles One Pager

Benefits for Giving Circle Administrators

  • Unite your giving with an unlimited number of donors who want to join you in making an impact
  • Manage the collective funds and make grants easily
  • Demonstrate and analyze your collective impact through a shared dashboard

Growfund for Giving Circles offers a suite of services to support and engage members in strategic giving:

  • Collects, processes, invests donations and pledges
  • Disburses checks and awards letters to grantees
  • Maintains membership database
  • Provides regular financial reports
  • Welcomes and provides orientation materials for new members
  • Conducts an annual survey on member satisfaction and suggestions
  • Sends thank you notes and end-of-year receipts
  • Promotes the Giving Circle through Featured Giving Opportunities

More services can be customized to your Giving Circle’s needs.

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