Growfund is a cost-effective workplace giving platform that provides employers with a toolkit to revitalize corporate giving and community involvement. As an employee benefit,

Growfund empowers employees to make informed decisions about giving, champion causes important to them, and ultimately create a bigger impact

– all while driving deeper employee engagement, loyalty, and purpose in the workplace.

For employees, Growfund operates like a 401(k), allowing automated contributions through payroll giving, credit, or cash payments and investment vehicles to help employees’ philanthropic assets grow over time and make a bigger impact at point of donation. When they’re ready, they can make grants to nearly one million charities or causes. For employers, Growfund offers matching functionality and multiple investment options, simplified administration, and a single tax receipt.

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An Affordable Game-Changing Giving Tool

Engage employees in creating social impact.

Benefits of Growfund for Employers

  • Manage one tax receipt for all donations
  • Create a low-cost corporate foundation from which to make grants
  • Embed giving into your Human Resources and financial wellness benefits
  • Match and reward employees with contributions
  • Learn what charitable causes are important to your employees
  • Unite these powerful donors under your brand through a custom white label

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