We know that when it comes to the causes that are most important to you, you want to make a difference, to do something meaningful, and be surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Now you can, with Growfund.

Growfund is a community-based, game-changing charitable giving tool that transforms your contributions into a lifetime’s worth of giving for your favorite causes. And it’s backed by Global Impact, the leader in growing global philanthropy. You can start an account for free and your contributions are tax deductible immediately. Growfund operates like a 401(k) or your personal foundation, with your funds able to be invested and grow over time so that you can make a difference in the biggest possible way. And, it’s yours to keep throughout your lifetime. You can give strategically and with impact – it’s that simple.

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Growfund was created to help you change the world—at your own pace, on your own time, and with a bit of fun.

Invest. Grow. Change Everything.

  • Create your Growfund personal foundation in honor or memory of your loved ones and deepen their legacy.
  • Add your spouse, child or partner as your joint advisor on the account to give as a family so you can make a difference together.
  • Make grants to nearly one million vetted charities searchable by name, location, or thematic cause.
  • Manage your tax receipts and giving budget in one place—every contribution is tax deductible immediately.
  • Browse through our menu of Giving Opportunities and discover the charities at work for the causes you love. You can also design your own charitable fund for disaster relief, programs in your community, or another cause you’re passionate about.
  • Start or join a Giving Circle to connect with other gamechangers who care about your cause.

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